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2014 Fall & 2015 Spring Events Catalog

2014 Fall & 2015 Spring Events Catalog

Gemba Walk

Gemba Walk

Innovation Survey

Innovation Survey

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It’s natural to think innovation would drive new solutions for sustainability. But the opposite is also true: a focus on sustainability can drive innovation and growth...



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Getting “Engaged”

No matter what you call your pursuit of perfection, in order to sustain it employees have to be “engaged.”...


Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Engage everyone in managing assets tactically to improve reliability...


Sept. 22nd - This week we will continue our work developing TPM practitioners for an organization in the food industry, facilitate a 3P team through the 7-Ways technique for an electronics company, and assist an orgaization in the metals and mining sector with a lean HR project.      

Does your maintenance staff spend the majority of their day "fighting fires"? If so, you would benefit from the lessons taught in the Maintenance Miracle, an Autonomous Maintenance Kaizen session November 4-7. For complete details click here.

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." -- Knute Rockne