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    Facing Challenges

    We can’t recall a more stress-laden time for businesses; from hiring and supply shortages, to inflation. The antidote to navigating through these turbulent times, look inward.

    We believe the answer lies in a renewed commitment to operational excellence: getting even better at reconfiguring end-to-end processes ridding them of waste, developing the talent on your team, building organization-wide capabilities to learn and execute quickly, and a steadfast resolve to be even more responsive to employee and customer expectations.

    As process leaders, you know the Why. We can help you with the What and How-to, virtually and on-site, just as we’ve done for more than 40 years. Keep your Enterprise in motion™.

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    Our stories & resources

    Management’s 5 Obligations to Teams

    Teams are the life blood of the company’s capability to serve its customers. A team can achieve much more than the sum of its parties, and building teams should be, maybe more than ever, a management priority. Find out the five critical areas for successful team development.

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    The Word of The Month: Kanban

    Kanban is a visual, pull production system used to manage and communicate daily project work by signaling upstream operations to deliver what is needed, when needed, in the quantity needed. Learn more about Kanban in this month’s Word of the Month.

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    The Word of The Month: Takt

    Measuring Takt time and adjusting output will allow you to: improve workflow, efficiency, and quality, understand capacity, standardize processes, and eliminate waste that can result from overproduction.

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