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    Facing a combination of new challenges: it is time to pursue changes to strengthen your company’s constitution.

    People – Processes – Equipment
    Before anyone else, we learned and brought knowledge of the Toyota System to leaders and managers, we assisted thousands of companies, large and small, on their improvement path, and in the process, accumulated extensive experience in the art of change.
    Today, we continue to bring advanced Lean knowledge and improvement expertise to help you and your teams consolidate Lean ways of working everywhere in your organization, build efficient collaborative processes, improve asset management, and accelerate service and innovation to get better – for your customers, your employees, and your growth!
    We’ve helped others achieve their improvement objectives; we can do it for you!
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    Our stories & resources

    Management’s 5 Obligations to Teams

    Teams are the life blood of the company’s capability to serve its customers. A team can achieve much more than the sum of its parties, and building teams should be, maybe more than ever, a management priority. Find out the five critical areas for successful team development.

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    The Word of The Month: Renewal

    The need for renewal can be triggered by many factors; regardless of what prompts it, the key is to make renewal part of your CI initiatives, and to help ensure employees are performing optimally by aligning strategic objectives with daily activities. Check out the latest Word of the Month for more about the facets of Renewal.

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    The Word of The Month: Catchball

    The Catchball process promotes buy-in to leadership aspirations and organizational goals through two-way, top-down/bottom-up communication. Learn more in this month’s Word of the Month.

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