Learning and Building Capabilities

Developing an improvement culture necessitates having employees that are empowered process owners that understand the organization’s objectives and have a stake in a successful outcome. Associates must have a clear understanding of how their individual efforts link to organizational goals and the know-how to continually make improvements in their day-to-day processes. This requires that they have at least a basic understanding of the foundational process improvement techniques and how to apply them.

The more time you invest in training, the better armed employees are to drive change in their own areas (what we call bottom-up improvement), and the stronger your overall results.

We can help! For more than a decade, Productivity Inc and the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University have been certifying Lean and TPM Managers. We set the benchmark in 2001, when we launched the first fully accredited certification program for lean managers. Today we offer these 5 programs, all held on the campus of the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, each is fully accredited and provides CEUs.

We’ll come to you…
If you are interested in training a large group, we can bring these programs or any of our other Lean and TPM Training to you. Program curriculums can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Call and ask about our In-house training options.

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