Optimizing Lean Production and Lean Management

Today, companies have a choice. They can transform their businesses or be transformed by the competition.

Having advised organizations in multiple sectors more than 35 years, we’ve come to understand that company transformations require an organization-wide strategy, absent of boundaries, encompassing clear evidence of employee involvement initiatives, leaders as teachers, and a continuous creation of robust resource and operational capabilities.

To accomplish this level of commitment, it is vital that organizations strive for a joint optimization of a lean production and lean management system. Together they present a formidable approach to enterprise-wide continuous improvement.

While not difficult to understand, this approach is often difficult to implement. It requires development of new perspectives and management routines up and down your entire value chain. Traditional hierarchical relationships give way to one of joint commitment and accountability where everyone in the organization is working towards a shared vision.

Operational Excellence is a dynamic and organic journey which will lead an organization to providing better customer experiences, to improve its ability to learn and build capabilities, and to innovate and grow responsibly to continually meet customers’ expectations.

For more than 35 years we’ve been helping organizations, large and small across a wide variety of industries, to create the business environment and culture necessary to achieve their objectives. How can we assist you?

Some of our client projects include:

  • Rollout of a Company-wide Cost Reduction Model
  • Material and Product Flow Optimization
  • Rebuilding the Business Model
  • Global TPM Rollout
  • Site Capacity Planning and Expansion
  • Front-line Leader Development
  • Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced Lean Production Training
  • Business Improvement Strategy Development and Deployment
  • Risk Management System Design
  • Developing Lean Leaders Coaching and Mentoring Program
  • Production Preparation Process (3P) Training and Project Facilitation
  • Innovation Diagnostic and Culture Change Readiness Assessment
  • Customized Training Development
  • University Sanctioned Lean Manager Certification

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