We were the first generation of consultants to be mentored by the originators of lean, including Chihiro Nakao, Yoshiki Iwata, Ryuji Fukuda, and Shigeo Shingo.

We were also the first to…

  • translate and publish books on Japanese management practices by Shigeo Shingo and Ryuji Fukuda
  • translate and publish books on TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and SMED (single minute exchange of die) by experts such as Seiichi Nakajima
  • deliver public training in the U.S. on the JIT (Just-In-Time manufacturing) toolkit
  • pioneer public training and in-house use of JIT tools in Europe, Mexico, and the UK
  • conduct public industrial study missions from the U.S. to Japan
  • use the Kaizen Training format in the U.S.
  • offer in-house SMED training workshops
  • produce TPM and lean conferences in the U.S.
  • develop and offer a Lean Manager Certification Program, in conjunction with The Ohio State University (OSU)
  • develop and offer a TPM Manager Certification Program, also with OSU