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Time spent searching, waiting, sorting, and improvising delays patient care, causes frustration, and increases opportunities for errors. It’s time to take a step back from the day to day and review your work area with a critical eye.

Use our free 5S Scan to score your current work environment. Assess nursing stations, medical supply closets, treatment rooms (including cabinets and drawers) surgical suites, treatment carts, corridors and waiting areas, pharmacy stores, and other work areas. Discover opportunities for improvement that will save you time and allow you to respond more effectively to patient needs.

Once you have your scan results…do something to change your situation! Having a well-organized workplace that speeds patient care is a very realistic goal – and a must to manage healthcare costs. 5S is a key foundational element for creating an easier and safer workplace.

Productivity Healthcare’s experienced professionals have worked alongside providers, payers and their partners to identify and improve unique patient value streams. Productivity can customize an improvement pathway to build and integrate these capabilities in your organization. Our patient-centered approach has been used in hospitals, clinics, insurance, and government to reveal systemic causes and create appropriate plans for improvement.

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