Ten Framing Questions for TPM Implementation

Free Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Ten Framing Questions for TPM Implementation.

If you are thinking about starting a TPM Implementation in your facility, CONGRATULATIONS!,  we know from experience it will be a decision you won’t regret.   When undertaking TPM, there is much to consider…here are 10 Framing Questions that will help to position you on the right path.

When implementing TPM as part of a continuous improvement effort not only will equipment uptime improve, but you can also expect...

  • Increased production capacity of over 50%
  • Reduced material costs of 15-20%
  • Safety Improvement – a reduction in recordables of at least 50%
  • Unplanned maintenance cost reduction of 65%
  • Reduction in line slowdowns and unplanned stoppages of 90-95%
  • Improved communication between production, maintenance and engineering

Productivity Inc. offers an extensive array of TPM Services and can assist you in the creation of a sustainable TPM process for your equipment. 


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