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A hands-on training featuring an interactive look inside an actual 3P project with the team members that did the work.



Program Description

Short for Production Preparation Process, 3P is all about rapidly designing product and production processes to ensure capability, built-in quality, reliability, and flow-takt-pull. Rather than modifying an existing process, 3P helps you to meet business and customer requirements by starting with a clean development slate. 3P often yields results that qualify as competitive advantages. It is not uncommon for 3P to help achieve 80-90% reduction in new product and process lead-time and overall capital costs while increasing productivity, delivery, performance, and financial returns by those same percentages.

3P brings together a cross-functional team, which can include employees, suppliers, customers, and third party technical resources, to experiment with design, mock-ups, and simulations. This process allows the team to develop new methods, products, and processes to meet new business case concepts and target costs. 3P is a dynamic methodology that allows you to achieve kaikaku -- radical improvement. You can leverage it in the design of lean supply chains, facilities, value streams, right-sized equipment, processes, products, and services to help you achieve giant competitive leaps forward and become a game changer in your industry.



Program Objectives

In this program you will learn…

  • The concept of kaikaku
  • How 3P differs from kaizen and when to use each
  • The 3P project deployment model
  • 3P techniques such as the 7-ways, mind mapping, moonshining, rapid prototyping
  • How to conceptualize, develop, validate, and deploy radical improvement



Program Curriculum

In the program’s first day you will participate in presentations, discussions, and exercises that explain the 3P process. You will also meet with team members of a live 3P project. By the end of this first day, you will have gained a solid conceptual understanding of the underlying theory of 3P, why the methodology works, and the processes used.

With a solid grasp of the inner workings of the 3P process, days two through four will have you assume the role of a 3P team member and take part in a simulated 3P project. You will also visit a 3P project site, where you will see the process in action, tour the moonshine shop, and talk to 3P team leaders and members. Hands-on application of the techniques covered in class will wrap up the week’s activities. You will leave this event with a deep understanding of the 3P process and be ready to support a 3P project in your company.


8am - 5pm

  • 3P scalability
  • Prerequisite skills overview
  • 3P Focus: Product/Process/Both
  • 3P Mechanics
  • Design Innovation Tools & Techniques
  • 3P Project Management
  • Creating the Oobeya (War) room
  • 3P Roadmap
  • Discussion with RH Sheppard team members
  • Homework assignment

8am - 5pm

  • 3P Case Study Homework Review
  • 3P Simulation Exercise
  • 3P Project Planning - Presentation

8am - 5pm

  • Tour & Facilitated Discussion with RH Sheppard 3P Project team
  • Hands on application of 3P techniques

8am - 12pm

  • Hands on application of 3P techniques, continued



Who Should Attend

Because the scope of most 3P projects is so wide, anyone within your organization can participate on a project and would therefore benefit from attending this event. Some titles to consider include: Presidents, Vice Presidents, Plant Managers, Production Managers, Lean Managers, Engineering Managers, Six Sigma Black Belts, Product and Process Design Engineers.



What past attendees are saying...





Contact us to become a host!

Learn about a 3P Project of a past host, RH Sheppard


The R. H. Sheppard name is recognized around the world as the standard of excellence in the design and manufacture of a variety finely engineered products for the truck, bus, rail, construction, military and recreational vehicle industries.

In 2012, top managers faced a key decision on capital investment. Rather than buy new equipment and clone their current manufacturing line, they decided to innovate. They would design a radically new process that would provide distinct competitive advantage. And with that, a 3P project was born!

In just 16 weeks, a cross-functional team of production, maintenance, and engineering staff learned the 3P methodology, attacked the business problem, mocked up prototypes, ran trials, and made a final recommendation. That solution will allow R.H. Sheppard to manufacture with zero changeovers across 7 different part families, and a growing list of part numbers that currently stands at about 70. The benefits: same-day delivery on any part, 30% capacity increase, at least 50% scrap reduction, reduced future costs for new equipment, and a strong internal capability to perform future 3Ps and to implement advanced lean manufacturing techniques. 

Click here to read more about R. H. Sheppard's 3P project.




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