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Program Description

Designed for those who want to develop the skills needed to drive lean transformation, this highly interactive, fully accredited program teaches lean principles and tools in a carefully arranged sequence. Expert trainers and educators combine classroom learning with simulations, group exercises, targeted discussion sessions, and shopfloor application exercises to transform theory into practice.

Over four non-consecutive weeks, attendees participate in a series of learning modules focused on the four phases of lean implementation: Plan, Pilot, Deploy, and Integrate. Between session weeks on the campus of The Ohio State University, participants must implement lean projects at their own companies and present results during the next session week.



Program Objectives

Lean Manager Certification (LMAC) graduates will gain overall knowledge of how to lead a lean transformation, strategically and tactically, and will be able to:

  • Perform an organizational assessment and establish baseline metrics
  • Create a detailed deployment plan based on analysis of the current state
  • Act as a principal change agent
  • Lead and direct site teams to deploy lean methodologies across their facility
  • Mentor and coach project leaders, area managers, and supervisors on tools and methods
  • Coach and mentor suppliers' change agents on addressing critical quality and delivery problems



Program Curriculum

Lean Manager Certification Curriculum
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The Lean Manager Certification (LMAC) curriculum is divided into four, 1-week sessions geared to systematic implementation of lean in phases. These week-long sessions are spaced over approximately 4-1/2 months. During the intervening weeks between each session week on the campus of The Ohio State University, participants apply learning according to a prescribed format in their own organizations and present results at the following session.

For a complete curriculum, download the Lean Manager Certification (LMAC) brochure.


Lean transformations start with developing a strategic framework for tactical initiatives and setting improvement priorities. Lean Manager Certification (LMAC) Week 1 teaches a system for creating strategic objectives, connecting them to tactical initiatives, and establishing baseline metrics.

Modules include: The DNA of Lean; Strategic Thinking; Value Stream Management and Analysis; Strategy Development & Deployment; Project Management; CEDAC; Six Sigma; Project Chartering.


During Lean Manager Certification (LMAC) Week 2 participants learn foundational techniques to enable a lean transformation. These techniques will be implemented throughout the value stream during deployment, but they are often started as small-group pilot projects in target areas identified from the value stream map created during the previous week.

Modules include: Visual Workplace; Quick Changeover; Mistake Proofing; Total Productive Maintenance (TPM); a local company Plant Application Exercise; Project Roundtable.


Building on Week 2, Lean Manager Certification (LMAC) Week 3 provides more sophisticated techniques that allow the implementation to evolve into a true operating system. Participants focus on enhancing capabilities for predictable performance, and cementing innovation and continuous improvement as integral elements of the Lean transformation.

Modules include: Kanban and Pull Production; Continuous Flow; Plant Application Exercise; 3P (Pre-Production Planning); Green in the Workplace; Lean Measurables.


Lean Manager Certification (LMAC) Week 4 elevates the Lean system implementation to encompass business model opportunities for improvement. Participants focus on looking beyond the local level to the complete value chain. The project work from Weeks 1 through 3 is connected to the financial impact on the business.

Modules include: Lean Logistics; Lean Supply Chain; Lean Finance; Lean Leadership; Project review; Course exam and participant certification.



Qualification Requirements

To qualify, all participants must have a management sponsor, who will attest to the results achieved in the assignments completed back in their own facilities. Participants must be affiliated with a manufacturing or service organization actively pursuing process improvement techniques.

Participants who successfully complete the four-week training and mentoring program, pass the certification exam, and demonstrate successful implementation in their own facility are certified by Productivity Inc. and the Fisher College of Business as Lean Managers and earn 16 CEUs.



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Accommodations: A block of rooms is being held for Productivity Inc. Lean Manager Certification (LMAC) attendees at The Blackwell Hotel on The Ohio State University campus. Address: 2110 Tuttle Park Place, Columbus, Ohio 43210.

Productivity Inc. attendees receive a reduced rate of $145.00 per night, single or double occupancy. Rate includes hot buffet breakfast. Please call 614.247.4000 or toll-free 866.247.4003 for reservations, and identify yourself as a Productivity Inc. Lean Manager Certification Program attendee. The special rate will be available until four weeks prior to the event; after this date the hotel cannot guarantee availability.

For more information on The Blackwell Hotel, please visit www.theblackwell.com. The hotel is approximately 8 miles from the Columbus International Airport.

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