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    Dates: 2021

    Service industry Manufacturing industry Public Educational Events

    Strengthen Your Lean Basics - Series

    A Consultant-Led Series of Virtual Events

    Sit your improvement strategy atop a solid foundation
    We invite leaders to reenergize their improvement efforts by returning to the basics. The timing could not be better to regroup and refocus your organization on those things that will make a difference in 2021…improvements in quality, cost, delivery and safety. No surprise, the foundational principles of Lean have a lot to offer here to help you.

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    Virtual Training
    Manufacturing industry Public Educational Events

    TPM Week - August 23-26, 2021

    The methods covered in TPM Week will provide insights into creating the ideal TPM team and teaches techniques for identifying and correcting those things that are causing your greatest losses.

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    Service industry Public Educational Events

    Service Process Improvement - Fall 2021 - COLUMBUS, OH

    September 13-17 – A 5-day fully-accredited program

    Provide an understanding of the foundational Lean techniques specifically designed for application in a service organization or manufacturing service environment. Designed for service and administrative managers looking to start a Lean effort in their organization.

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    Manufacturing industry Public Educational Events

    Lean Manager Certification - Fall 2021 - Columbus, OH

    Week 1: Sept 13-17 / Week 2: Oct 11-15 / Week 3: Nov 8-12 / Week 4: Dec 6-9

    The Lean Manager Certification program develops the knowledge, capabilities, and confidence to improve your organization through the application of Lean techniques. This fully-accredited certification is jointly offered by Productivity Inc. and The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business...

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    Service industry Manufacturing industry Public Educational Events

    Lean in Laboratories - Virtual Event

    September 27th - October 1st – A 5-day Lean Certificate Program

    In this live virtual event, learn how Lean techniques coupled with a Lean mindset speed throughput, eliminate quality issues, increase workplace satisfaction and improve customer service. The result: a 50 to 90% performance improvement plus an energized, visual laboratory workplace.

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    Lean Leadership Logo
    Leadership Development Public Educational Events

    Leading Lean - Becoming A Lean Company, Not Just A Company
    Doing Lean Things

    The Four Cornerstones of Transformation

    A Consultant-Led Virtual Event – October 5-8, 2021
    Forward-thinking leaders have the resolve to foster Lean Thinking in mindsets, processes, customer relationships, project management – to keep their enterprises in motion.

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    Autonomous Maintenance
    Manufacturing industry Public Educational Events

    Maintenance Miracle - An Autonomous Maintenance Kaizen Event - Fall 2021 - Archbold, Ohio

    October 5-8 - a 3 ½ day hands on learning event

    This event teaches the 7-steps of Autonomous Maintenance and demonstrates the process for conducting AM steps 1-3 in your facility. Designed for production, maintenance and engineering managers, supervisors, team leaders and process owners interested in improving equipment and process reliability and safety.

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    Service industry Manufacturing industry Public Educational Events

    Hoshin Kanri: Deploying Priorities, From Vision to Daily Work

    A live 6-hour virtual seminar – October 6 – 10:30am-5:30pm EDT

    Regrouping and refocusing your organization now, to concentrate on the vital few -- those things that will make a real difference to your organization’s performance -- seems a prudent thing to do. But how do you take all of the things there are to do, distill them down to the critical few and then defuse them throughout the entire organization? Through Hoshin Kanri.

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    Service industry Manufacturing industry Public Educational Events

    The Daily Management System

    A live 6-hour virtual seminar – October 7 - 10:30am-5:30pm EDT

    Ensuring sustainment through organization-wide operational governance.
    A daily management system is a set of standard practices that keep improvement efforts on track and moving forward. DMS is the missing link in many operational excellence initiatives and the key to long-term sustainment by providing a structured way for leaders-at-all-levels to engage and provide direct, in-the-workplace, management and teaching routines.

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    Service industry Manufacturing industry Public Educational Events

    The Lean Lab: Improving Efficiencies and Effectiveness

    A live 6-hour virtual seminar - Dates coming soon... – 10:30am-5:30pm Eastern time

    Applying Lean methods and mindsets to your lab operations will speed throughput, expand capacity, improve customer service, reinforce expertise, and provide a better working environment for associates. Turning your quality control and R&D labs into a strategic advantage for your organization.

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