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    Transform your Business,
    Stay Ahead of the Competition.

    Create long term capabilities, keep your enterprise in motion to grow and improve bottom-line results.

    We guide organizations in their transformation by assisting leaders at all levels in structuring and deploying strategy and building a systemic approach to operational excellence.

    We help leaders see and define company transformation guidelines, build consistency between various initiatives and work closely with operational teams, management, and support services to improve processes and develop new work routines.

    Our philosophy is based on the confidence that well-managed people, sharing a common objective, guided by a few key clear principles, can transform their company into one that’s consistently profitable and entirely customer and service focused.


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    Key elements related to business transformation

    skill development process title=

    Practitioner Skill Development

    …virtual, on-site, or both

    Our Skill-Set Development Process (SDP) focuses on teaching the How-To of relevant improvement practices in short sessions that translate learning into action and provide immediate ROI…

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    Operational excellence is the outcome of an organization in motion™. Guided by Productivity’s Management System motion™, let us help you implement the How-To to achieve your company’s improvement and growth initiatives.

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    Lean Leadership title=

    #1 White Paper

    Lean Leadership

    Pragmatic Steps for Leading Lean: In recent conversations with manufacturing and service industry leaders, lean managers discussed problems they face as they work to advance operational excellence in their organizations. The sticky issues will likely come as no surprise; they include ones most of us are already aware of and have encountered for years...

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    Lean Re-launch at TexOps: A holistic, systematic approach yields dramatic performance gains

    #17 OE Newsletter

    For successful lean transformation, a systematic, long-term commitment is crucial, according to Productivity Inc.’s managing partner Mike Kuta.

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    Hoshin Kanri: Aligning your Organization

    Fundamental to a Lean Enterprise in motion™ is Strategy Deployment (hoshin kanri), an alignment process that’s all about linking leadership aspirations with daily activities in the workplace. We often refer to hoshin kanri as a process of getting a team-based community ready to attack the most common obstacles and opportunities related to growth, margin improvement, system-wide waste elimination, and RONA.

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    What Is a Business Model – And What Is Yours?

    #03 Innovation Newsletter

    "Business model" is a term that comes up frequently in the context of innovation. You hear about emerging, disruptive, and open business models, business model analysis, and business model innovation. But do you know what the term means exactly?...

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