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    The Management System by Productivity

    experience organizational synergy


    • your customers are your best supporters
    • all of your employees know their customers and actively find ways to better serve them
    • leaders-at-all-levels collaborate to prepare their annual improvement action plans, then translate and deploy those plans into work place initiatives
    • leaders and process owners work together to solve problems and share a sense of purpose
    • continuous improvement is part of daily work
    • an organization of networked teams, enabled and continuously increasing stakeholder value

    What you are imagining is an organization in motion™ and we can get you there.
    motion™, Productivity’s proprietary management system, provides a holistic approach for keeping your company moving forward in 3 essential dimensions:

    1. Generating value for customers
      • Listen to the voice of the customer
      • Improve the customer experience; understand the moment of truth
      • Ensure readiness to improve your current value proposition
    2. Managing with humility and respect
      • Cultivate a workplace of diversity and inclusion
      • Build capabilities at all levels of the organization
      • Maintain a robust performance and daily management system
    3. Building an end-to-end strategy of continuous improvement
      • Engage and enable individuals and teams to manage their own work
      • Employ standards with ridge principles, yet flexible implementation
      • Ensure processes, and PP&E that are essential, under control, and reliable to optimize the company value chain and value streams

    Shaped from our more than 40 years of collective How-To experiences, motion™ is a systemic approach to operational excellence designed to let improvement and profitable growth happen in every part of your organization every day.
    Let motion™ be your How-To Management System. Manageable, and all tailored to your organization’s culture, processes and future state aspirations.
    Starting at the senior leadership level and cascading across the organization, the elements of motion™ include:

    • building the transformation business case
    • a customized diagnostic framework and maturity assessment process
    • action planning and bottom-up results monitoring
    • employing leaders-at-all-levels to engage, learn, and teach
    • building skills/competitive capabilities via robust programs of knowledge transfer
    • system-wide policy deployment; daily and performance management processes
    • a process of strategy renewal

    We specialize in helping you develop your motion™ management system. A seamless process developed in collaboration with you and your leadership team and carefully monitored ensuring the system, and accompanying transformation, is manageable and in concert with meeting the daily demands of your existing business.
    Contact us and let’s talk about getting and keeping your company in motion™.

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