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    Guiding Operational Transformation

    Building a Systemic Approach to Operational Excellence

    Guiding Operational Transformation
    For large and small companies alike, Lean transformation initiatives often disappoint. Why? Failure to create a transformation plan balancing short-term value creation with longer-term improvement and sustainability.
    Whether you are just getting started or looking for a strategy reboot, our team of talented advisors can help you avoid disappointment by helping you align your improvement and growth initiatives with leadership aspirations to deliver the returns your stakeholders and investors have come to expect.
    At Productivity Inc. we help you get the workplace right. We see Guiding Transformation as one Big PDCA and we will work with you to…

    • Size up your current situation (a Maturity Diagnosis; social and technical)
    • Read your improvement opportunities (analysis with strategic relevance)
    • Decide what to do (identify the vital few, value creation)
    • Act (a bias for action; build the platforms to execute and sustain)

    Operational transformation is much more than eliminating waste. It’s a dynamic, organic journey which will lead to better customer experiences, improving the organizations’ ability to learn and build capabilities, to innovate, to support diversity and inclusion, and to grow responsibly.
    While not difficult to understand, operational transformation requires new improvement and growth perspectives, and robust leadership and management capabilities/routines throughout your entire organization.
    Let our talented team of operational excellence consultants help you build the end-to-end process flow environment and governing practices necessary to create value and achieve your operational transformation goals.

    Let us help you achieve sustainable competitive advantage, contact us to learn more.

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