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    Leadership and Culture

    Creating a sustainable ‘operational excellence culture’ is the outcome of 1,000 things done the right way.

    What is a Culture?

    A set of principles and behaviors expected, supported and reinforced at all levels of the organization by the largest number of people.

    Lean is about building a company culture of continuous improvement focused on:

    • Thinking in terms of your customers
    • Creating value along the whole value chain
    • Making everything visible
    • Working together
    • Creating and improving standards

    Develop leaders at every level of the organization.

    In a Lean Enterprise in Motion™, it is imperative to develop leaders at every level of the organization whose collective responsibility is to develop this culture by managing change…and managing the organization as a system.

    Think of it as a “super-enterprise” in which people, processes, and physical and financial resources work in harmony to ensure operational excellence and long-term growth. New behaviors must go hand-in-hand with improvements in the flow of materials and information. Change begins when leaders start acting differently.

    “Leaders articulate and define what has previously remained implicit or unsaid; they then invent images, metaphors, and models that provide a focus for new attention.” Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus, authors of Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge.

    A lean enterprise requires a shift in thinking, from management of activities to leading, coaching and guiding teams and individuals.

    The Role of Lean Leadership

    • Do what’s right for the organization
    • Manage the dream
    • Architect of the change process
    • Model the change daily and insist that others do too
    • Coach, teach and learn
    • Encourage reflective backtalk and dissent
    • Make everyone feel like a winner
    • Get all stakeholders involved and create partnerships

    A lean culture will ensure operational excellence and long-term growth.

    Productivity knows what it takes to lead a Lean enterprise. We can help your organization overcome natural resistance by creating a shared understanding of the “new way,” defining a roadmap for change, and setting the stage properly.

    For more information on Developing Leaders – visit the Leadership Development section of this website.

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