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    Performance Management System

    Linking Organizational Goals to Daily Work

    When company goals are clear, consistent and cascaded throughout the organization, measuring and knowing where you are and what needs to be done to improve becomes clearer – everybody understands their role in the process.
    Establishing a robust Performance Management System allows for the real-time monitoring of activities up and down the hierarchy and is the most effective way to ensure daily work is linked to organizational goals, improvements are being sustained and targets are being met.
    Our Productivity Inc. consultants are specialists in designing and implementing Performance Management systems. We can assist you in positioning a new system or review/revisit your current practices to design a new best approach.
    The cornerstones of our results-driven daily Performance Management System include:

    • Developing Leadership Routines
      • a series of leaders-at-all-levels standard work processes communicating clear and unambiguous statements of expectations based on organizational goals
      • daily rigor delivering a consistent PDCA routine to ensure resources are always focused on improving the-vital-few
      • coaching, leaders as teachers,

    • Establishing Visual Management
      • a system for visually organizing the workplace to create a common language that allows associates to identify process abnormalities and make improvements. Limited only by your imagination and guided by purpose, engagement and accessibility, it’s all about ensuring actual versus expected performance data, relevant at multiple-levels, upstream and downstream, is available to all stakeholders

    • Accountability
      • the daily performance management system driver
      • enabled and capable resources, process focused, and engaged because they want to be
      • leaders and process owners solving problems by eliminating root cause as part of daily work

    We work closely with you and your leadership team to align your KPI’s with business strategy; help you design and implement a corresponding daily performance management system to ensure employees-at-all-levels are delivering value to their customers.
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