5S On-Line Training Program

The Next Best Thing to Hands-on Training...

The 5S On-Line Training Program offers an option.  This self-paced program lets you make 5S training available to every one of your employees.  Program includes:

  • Seven easy-to-use modules:
    • Introduction Module
    • Sort Module
    • Set in Order Module
    • Shine Module
    • Standardize Module
    • Sustain Module
    • Implement Module
  • Program Workbook
  • Practice Exercises
  • Visual Handouts
  • Worksheets and Templates



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Set your organization on the path to long-term success by educating your workforce in the 5S technique. 

5S is not just housekeeping.  5S provides the foundation for all improvement initiatives and helps to establish a culture of continuous improvement. While implementation of 5S will result in a cleaner, better organized work place it will also allow your organization to:

  • Establish a dynamic team environment that involves all employees.
  • Introduce areas of autonomous team decision making and continually expand them as you develop team member skills and knowledge.
  • Build a vision of workplace transformation, team development, and visual standardization that is shared by management and operators.
  • Reduce costs.

Every associate in your organization should understand and participate in 5S activities. We can help with this new interactive learning solution.

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1-3 Users $279.00 per user 1 month access
4-25 Users $259.00 per user 2 month access
26-50 Users $229.00 per user 3 month access
51-100 Users $199.00 per user 6 months access
101-500 Users $169.00 per user 8 months access
501-1000 Users $139.00 per user 12 months access
*If you are interested in adding this training program as a permanent part of your in-house training curriculum, please call for details.

When you are ready to purchase, contact us at 800-966-5423.

** Please note: If you place your order Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Eastern Time, you can expect an email with your online learning registration code within three hours. For orders placed at other times, please expect to receive your registration code by noon on the next business day.