Operational Excellence

Improve the bottom-line impact of existing “value propositions.”

To run your core business well, you’ve got to produce and deliver excellent services, products, and solutions to customers rapidly and reliably.

Operational excellence means eliminating waste from processes … continuously. By reconfiguring work so that value flows to customers unimpeded, high-performing companies free up resources and capital, boost return on assets, and set the stage for sustainable growth.

Productivity introduced the cornerstones of operational excellence—lean and total productive maintenance (TPM) – to the West in the 1980s.  More than a set of tools, these methodologies depend on systemic change. The principles can be easy to grasp, but not so easy to implement.

We are proven experts who consult with manufacturing and service organizations worldwide, using a team-based approach to implementation that makes change sustainable. We work collaboratively with clients on everything from assessment to strategic planning and deployment, and provide the education and coaching needed on both the technical and the human sides of change.

With more than 30 years’ experience consulting to the Global 1000, Productivity can help you make operational excellence a way of life.

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