Developing the processes to make your new innovation system work

Best practices should guide the design of your innovation system's processes for capturing, developing, and evaluating promising new concepts, and implementing them quickly and effectively. But these processes must be geared to work in your company and business environment.

You'll want to know:

  • What are our best sources for accessing new insights and revealing the unarticulated needs of our customers?
  • How can we design processes for channeling high concepts and ensuring that valuable but potentially threatening ideas are not dropped?
  • How will we test concepts, make fast and effective decisions, and bring the best candidates to fruition?

Productivity can help you design the processes for conceptualizing, developing, and delivering new value that will work effectively in your organization and yield the top-line growth essential to long-term success.

Development of “High Concepts”

  • Set up systems for sourcing, capturing, and distributing customer-centric insights and ideas.
  • Build effective networks to foster formal and informal collaboration.
  • Develop selection & prioritization processes for fast-tracking the most promising ideas

Experimentation and Implementation

  • Design your system for prototyping, demonstrating, and testing new concepts.
  • Create processes for iterative evaluation and enhancement.
  • Develop your approach to implement and commercialization, including executive review, decision-making, and mapping the business model required for effectively launching new initiatives.

System Sustainment

  • Ensure your innovation system stays alive and well by creating the mechanisms to monitor, sustain, and modify behaviors and processes on an ongoing basis.

Productivity offers a range of consultative offerings to fit your needs. You can start the process by contacting us for further information and your own Innovation Primer Kit.

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Planning & Readiness

Planning & Readiness

Laying the ground work essential to creating capabilities for innovation and growth




Building the knowledge, behaviors and practices to foster and sustain innovation




Designing and deploying your innovation strategy