Lean leadership concerns people at all levels, from senior managers to front-line teams.

A sustainable “lean culture” is the outcome of 1,000 things done the right way.

To create a lean culture focused on continuous improvement, leaders must adopt new roles, cultivate behaviors that ensure people are engaged, and focus hard on the processes that drive business results.

Lean transformations depend on leaders’ ability to manage change…and to manage the organization as a system. Think of it as a “super-enterprise” in which people, processes, and physical and financial resources work in harmony to ensure operational excellence and long-term growth. New behaviors must go hand-in-hand with improvements in the flow of materials and information. Change begins when leaders start acting differently. It’s that simple (but not that easy).

Productivity knows what it takes to lead a lean enterprise. We can help your organization overcome natural resistance by creating a shared understanding of the “new way,” defining a roadmap for change, and setting the stage properly.

Our lean leadership and team development services include consulting and coaching, conferences and workshops, and a fully accredited lean leadership certification program that has set the benchmark since 2001.

Transform your organization into a Lean enterprise, not one that is just “doing lean things.” Productivity has been the leader in lean for more than 30 years, and we can help you make a true lean transformation.

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