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Becoming a Lean enterprise means mobilizing everyone to achieve the company’s objectives. It means changes in the structure of your organization – a move away from individual agendas to team dynamics. Envision your company with management-supported, empowered employees, performance benchmarks working at every level of the organization, and everyone working within a structured framework focused on clearly defined and communicated business objectives. That’s a lean enterprise, and cultivating leaders throughout the organization is the key.

Productivity’s consultants are proven experts with more than second-hand schooling; we have successfully led lean transformations on the job and have helped organizations around the world do the same. We offer comprehensive services scaled to meet your needs in areas that include:

  • Lean leader development and coaching (improvement kata and coaching kata)
  • Deployment of leader standard work
  • The art of the “gemba walk”
  • Team development and structures for self-directed teams
  • Techniques for workforce empowerment
  • Change management skills and tactics
  • Strategy, hoshin kanri, and policy deployment

Productivity provides expert consulting and facilitation of lean leadership and culture change, to accelerate your lean transformation and help you make it sustainable.

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