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Leadership Development
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Becoming the master and sculpture of your own journey.

Making it all work!

In an Enterprise in motion™, it is important to remember that there are leaders at every level, with varying accountability pending where you are in the hierarchy: executives, managers, supervisors, team leaders and value stream managers. But the traits all leaders share are:

Creativity – Challenging the status quo
Capability – Ability to orchestrate change
Courage – Willingness to experiment and learn
Credibility – Readiness to lead by example – “talk it, walk it, teach it”

In our interactions with manufacturing and service industry organizations there is a consistent theme to the problems they face as they work to advance operational excellence. The sticky issues will likely come as no surprise, absence of a management system and the leadership routines, up and down the hierarchy, to lead and manage the improvement effort…


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Developing a Problem-Solving Culture

How to create a problem-solving culture within organizations Everyday more and more companies are built on the principles and practices […]

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Executive Coaching

Lean Enterprise in motion™ Developing the Lean Enterprise in motion™ requires transforming busy executives into Lean executives with a new […]

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Idea Spread, Culture Change, and the Coaching Kata

#09 OE Newsletter

The questions companies bring to us today generally converge on one primary theme—culture change.
“We’ve been ‘doing lean’ for years, but it hasn’t really taken hold across the organization.”
“We have a few people who ‘get it’ but we can’t seem to replicate that enthusiasm in others.”
“We make improvements in an area during a kaizen event, but months later we find that we can’t sustain the gains.”

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#1 White Paper

Lean Leadership

Pragmatic Steps for Leading Lean: In recent conversations with manufacturing and service industry leaders, lean managers discussed problems they face as they work to advance operational excellence in their organizations. The sticky issues will likely come as no surprise; they include ones most of us are already aware of and have encountered for years.

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Suncor Energy Inc. testimonial

“Productivity is really good at NOT coming in and telling us how and what to do, but rather listening and […]

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Can you solve the same problem twice?

Recently I was working with a project team looking at machine data for a key piece of equipment.  The data showed the machine had several sporadic losses in that particular week.   To dig deeper into the data, we spoke to the operators and maintenance staff; one seasoned associate told us, “Oh, I know what caused that loss, we’ve had to fix that a few times.”

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Convincing the Unconvinced

This week I was reminded of some advice I received from a Japanese sensei early in my Lean career.  We were working together in an organization that had just embarked on the Lean journey. 

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