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Lean Resources

Here you will find a host of information providing insights into operational excellence and innovation suitable for a range of industries and experience levels.

#3 White Paper

Lean Practices Support Innovation

To consistently drive top-line growth, leaders must commit to a disciplined and creative focus on meeting today’s market challenges while strengthening capabilities for future competitive mastery. It’s a matter of keeping the core business running optimally without losing sight of what’s on the horizon—and being prepared for and open to “creative destruction.”

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#7 White Paper

Mastering the Gemba Walk

What’s the center stage of lean management?
The “gemba” is, of course. That’s the “real place” where work is happening, where value is being created. That’s the focal point of improvement, of lean thinking and action.

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Make it Visible…

#22 OE Newsletter

Last month saw another round of graduates from our Lean Manager for Services Certification held on the campus of The Ohio State University. Instructor and Executive Partner of Productivity Inc., Catherine Converset, spent a few minutes with us recently to talk about implementing lean in service and administrative functions.

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#9 White Paper

What’s Missing From Your Lean Initiative?

TPM’s integral role, with 5 takeaways to guide your strategy.
Most business owners and general managers recognize just how critically important proper equipment maintenance is, particularly in an asset-oriented work environment. 

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Lessons from Hackathons

#19 Innovation Newsletter

The term “hacking” usually brings to mind the activities of rogue computer programmers with bad intentions working to breach the security of a network. In that context, a “hackathon” might sound like a race to see who can be best and fastest intruder.

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Our most popular resources

Leadership – the Hidden Opportunity

Often we are asked by clients to help them with the implementation of a lean technique; one they feel will solve their “biggest problem”.  For example, some clients have asked us to assist them with the implementation of TPM believing their biggest problem was poor equipment reliability…

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A Maintenance Miracle

Autonomous Maintenance is a powerful technique that can eliminate between 40% - 60% of unplanned downtime. Autonomous Maintenance is the focus of our Maintenance Miracle Kaizen event. The article below provides insight from a past event we held at Acushnet’s Ball Plant III.

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Visual Thinking—Visible Action

#06 OE Newsletter

Visual Management is a cornerstone principle of lean implementation. As defined in LeanSpeak a visual management system means “systematic attention to the goal of companywide integration of visual operation, including workplace organization and standardization (5S), visual display, visual metrics, and visual control.

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The Whole Package

#15 Innovation Newsletter

You can't judge a book by its cover, or a gift by its wrapping. What about a product or service by its package? That's a hot-button issue in many industries, from food and beverage, to pharmaceutical and medical, to retail and industrial manufacturing.

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To bring into conformity with a standard (a level of quality or attainment, OR an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations), especially in order to assure consistency and regularity.

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A product or service that has been perceived or appraised to fulfill a need or desire—as defined by the customer—is said to have value. An activity has value if it is transformative, is done right the first time, and is something the customer is willing to pay for.

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