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    Case Studies

    Reducing Product Costs

    Our client needed to find 25% more capacity in order to absorb incoming production lines into an already capacity and space strained environment. Working with the client team, here’s an overview of how we helped make it happen.


    10 Steps to Foster Innovation and Drive Growth

    Innovate or die is a favored phrase among forward thinkers, and though perhaps hackneyed, the notion is exactly in line with the needs of retail today.
    As James Vatalaro, a business consultant with Productivity Inc., which practices improving on its namesake for companies in need, noted in his presentation on strategy innovation at the...


    Managing Complexity at a Major Insurance Broker

    This affinity insurance broker manages policies for 100+ global brands, with millions of new insurance contracts annually covering policyholders in 10+ countries. Its banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, and retail clients offer their...


    Blower Failure Case Study – Root Cause Machine Failure Analysis

    The goal of Maintenance Improvement is to move away from reactive to a proactive or planned maintenance process. As part of this process, maintenance personnel analyze breakdowns to reveal equipment weaknesses and then modify equipment to improve its operation, maintainability and lengthen equipment life. Root Cause Machine Failure Analysis was introduced to this building products manufacturer’s maintenance reliability team as a method to eliminate a repetitive blower failure.


    Everything in Pork Pie Order

    Pork pie and sausage roll maker Pork Farms Bowyers has invested significant resource and time into creating its own tailored shopfloor organization program. Steed Webzell reports.