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    Lean Articles

    Tag That Attitude!

    We were recently contacted by one of our clients to convey how their TPM efforts were progressing… Can you pick out the most important thing?


    Engaging your Workforce

    Operational excellence, continuous improvement, lean management—no matter what you call your pursuit of perfection, in order to sustain it employees have to be “engaged".


    Developing TPM

    Absent TPM, the Lean Enterprise Doesn't Happen.
    Developing a strategy to establish TPM – and integrate it as part of a lean transformation – begins with analyzing and understanding the key areas that need to be improved throughout your operations. 


    Lean Lessons At the Movies

    Quoting movie dialog is a big thing in my family.  I am not sure how it started, but we do it often.  Last week at a SMED training session, an attendee was reeling off movie lines to his team members.


    The Improvement Strategy “Trinity”

    In a memorable scene from the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” one of the bad guys challenges Indiana Jones to a sword fight. As the challenger brandishes his sword in preparation for battle, Indiana sizes him up for a moment, then just pulls out his gun and shoots him. Duel over.


    Invest for Success

    I shared this experience with some of my contacts earlier this week, but wanted to post it here as well as it might be of use to some of our readers…


    Can you solve the same problem twice?

    Recently I was working with a project team looking at machine data for a key piece of equipment.  The data showed the machine had several sporadic losses in that particular week.   To dig deeper into the data, we spoke to the operators and maintenance staff; one seasoned associate told us, “Oh, I know what caused that loss, we’ve had to fix that a few times.”...


    Beyond the Improvement Strategy

    Recently we were invited to help a metal manufacturer with two business units and several production facilities address the issue of their continued under-performance; despite what the company felt was a herculean effort to drive cost from their system.


    The Big Miss·take

    The ‘big miss’ in golf terms refers to a bad golf shot, one from which the player cannot recover par.  I was reminded the other day about another type of ‘big miss’, this one occurs in the workplace rather than on a golf course.