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    Lean Articles

    Five Things to Consider on a Gemba Walk

    The Gemba Walk is all about getting out into the workplace.  It affords company leaders, managers and supervisors a reliable, simple and easy means of supporting an improvement structure and encouraging process standardization.  The Gemba Walk is a key component in the sustainment of improvement.


    Departing On Time…

    Downtime is costly in many ways, which is why executives in charge of Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operations at Delta Airlines are implementing total productive maintenance (TPM) at their facility in Atlanta, Georgia.


    Making Sense and Saving Cents at Sensus

    A key part of convincing management to take on any new endeavor is being able tostate the benefits to the company.  Let’s face it, upper management speaks another language and uses a different set of metrics, than what is spoken and used in operations.  In order to capture their attention, you too must speak and present in their terms.


    Assessing your TPM Progress

    Making the Grade – Assessing your TPM Progress
    The Roofing Products Group of manufacturer CertainTeed began implementing a TPM assessment process two years ago…


    Leadership – the Hidden Opportunity

    Often we are asked by clients to help them with the implementation of a lean technique; one they feel will solve their “biggest problem”.  For example, some clients have asked us to assist them with the implementation of TPM believing their biggest problem was poor equipment reliability…


    Asset Depreciation

    Imagine for a moment that you had a group of employees who sporadically slowed their work pace, or worse, randomly stopped working for hours at a time. Imagine running your facility never knowing whether you would get 8 hours, 5 hours or 5 minutes of work from them on any given day.


    Embrace the Enemy?

    In all too many instances, there are complaints that accounting departments are a barrier to the Lean transformation. There is even a movement from some proclaiming that traditional accounting methods are too contrary to appreciate the benefits of lean and a newer approach referred to as “Lean Accounting” is the answer.


    Sitting Around Dying Efficiently

    Now, none of us are sitting around, not in today’s market.  More than likely we are running around, from one thing to another, juggling 10 projects, or more, at the same time.  So, perhaps a better description of what we are doing would be “Running Around Dying Efficiently.”


    The Sorry State of Customer Service

    In 1976 the movie Network was in theaters.  There is a famous scene in the film where the lead character, Howard Beale (played by Peter Finch) implores Americans to shout out their windows “I’m as mad as hell, and I am not going to take this anymore.”