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OE Newsletters

Finding Capacity—A snapshot of a client engagement #24 OE Newsletter

Applying lean thinking outside the manufacturing environment can bring big returns to your organization. Recently, we employed lean techniques to assist an organization with a major capital project—our mission, finding 30% more capacity within their existing facility. Here’s a snapshot of the engagement.


TPM Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities #23 OE Newsletter

Although there are still misconceptions, I am happy to see more and more organizations understand that TPM is not simply a maintenance department program, but an effort that encompasses the entire organization. What is still often overlooked, however, is that TPM is as much (if not more) of a social program


Make it Visible… #22 OE Newsletter

Last month saw another round of graduates from our Lean Manager for Services Certification held on the campus of The Ohio State University. Instructor and Executive Partner of Productivity Inc., Catherine Converset, spent a few minutes with us recently to talk about implementing lean in service and administrative functions.


Getting “Engaged” #14 OE Newsletter

Operational excellence, continuous improvement, lean management—no matter what you call your pursuit of perfection, in order to sustain it employees have to be “engaged.”


TPM—Fad or Fundamental? #13 OE Newsletter

Lean production means continually eliminating waste and perfecting processes so that you can maximize value for customers and employees, and in the largest sense, society as well.


Servant Leadership in a Lean Organization #12 OE Newsletter

We frequently hear the term “servant leader” used to describe an ideally “enlightened” manager or executive. People who instinctively welcome the idea of servant leadership often see it as a sort of inverted management pyramid, with executives supporting the rest of the organization.