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    OE Newsletters

    Loyal Customers—Lean Service #10 OE Newsletter

    What drives market share? Customer loyalty. Great brands know how to connect deeply with customers, and captivate their fan base by consistently, and sometimes ingeniously, balancing the triumvirate of Q C D (quality, cost, delivery). That extends not only to the product or service itself, but to customer service processes and attitudes that build loyalty.


    Idea Spread, Culture Change, and the Coaching Kata #09 OE Newsletter

    The questions companies bring to us today generally converge on one primary theme—culture change.

    • “We’ve been ‘doing Lean’ for years, but it hasn’t really taken hold across the organization.”
    • “We have a few people who ‘get it’ but we can’t seem to replicate that enthusiasm in others.”...

    Lean Pharmaceuticals, Lean Labs—Lessons Learned #08 OE Newsletter

    In the past few years, as the pharmaceutical industry has come to grips with patent expiries, declining revenue, increasing global competition, aging infrastructure, and widely publicized quality problems, more serious lean efforts have taken root at companies across the industry.


    The Offshoring, Reshoring, Right-shoring Shuffle… #07 OE Newsletter

    Reshoring is increasing, according to some studies, as companies in the U.S., U.K., and other Western countries take a fresh look at their product and service sourcing strategies in the wake of the global recession. While some pundits dispute the extent of the manufacturing resurgence, as well as the net impact on jobs, there are early signs of a trend.


    Visual Thinking—Visible Action #06 OE Newsletter

    Visual Management is a cornerstone principle of lean implementation. As defined in LeanSpeak a visual management system means “systematic attention to the goal of companywide integration of visual operation, including workplace organization and standardization (5S), visual display, visual metrics, and visual control.


    Making Operational Excellence a Way of Life #01 OE Newsletter

    In October, Hewlett-Packard’s six-year run as the dominant maker of personal computers ended when China’s Lenovo group (owner of the former IBM PC unit)
    edged out HP in shipments of PCs for the previous quarter.