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    What’s up

    News, information, and what’s happening at Productivity Inc.

    A Day at Engineered Profiles

    In this What's Up post, we look in on the host plant for a recent Lean Manager Certification Program (LMAC) application day and review a snapshot of 2 projects.


    Skills Development for Fast Learning and Rapid Results

    It’s often been said we learn from history, and that opportunity comes from calamity. But have leadership and business objectives really changed all that much these past months? Or has the recent disruption served as more of a reinforcement of already established business priorities: employee safety, customer delight, business continuity and growth, and quick ROI?


    Rapidly Reshaping Operations

    In the midst of disruption, businesses still need to operate by optimizing systems to drive out waste and improve flow. What’s changed is the need to do so smarter and faster. In this month’s What’s Up, we look at the importance of building capabilities through up-skilling and multi-skilling, and doing so rapidly…as well as highlight opportunities for educating employees.


    Where Does Improvement Begin and How do you Sustain it?

    Standards. We’re all familiar with the fact that adherence to standards is critical to achieving operational excellence, but have we ever really looked at the connection between adherence to standards, deviation from standards, data collection, and sustainment?...


    An AM Week at Komatsu Mining Equipment

    We recently wrapped up another Maintenance Miracle Autonomous Maintenance Kaizen Event, this one hosted by Komatsu Mining Corporation Afterwards, we chatted with Ellis New, the event instructor, about OEE and the AM session’s impact on the participants.