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    Word of the Month

    Understanding Lean one word at a time…

    Monthly micro-learning lessons focused on the Lean lexicon. Have fun as we guide you through the nomenclature;
    bringing you insights into the nuances of this proven discipline.

    The Word of The Month: Catchball

    The Catchball process promotes buy-in to leadership aspirations and organizational goals through two-way, top-down/bottom-up communication. Learn more in this month’s Word of the Month.


    The Word of The Month: Renewal

    The need for renewal can be triggered by many factors; regardless of what prompts it, the key is to make renewal part of your CI initiatives, and to help ensure employees are performing optimally by aligning strategic objectives with daily activities. Check out the latest Word of the Month for more about the facets of Renewal.


    The Word of The Month: Takt

    Measuring Takt time and adjusting output will allow you to: improve workflow, efficiency, and quality, understand capacity, standardize processes, and eliminate waste that can result from overproduction.


    The Word of The Month: Kanban

    Kanban is a visual, pull production system used to manage and communicate daily project work by signaling upstream operations to deliver what is needed, when needed, in the quantity needed. Learn more about Kanban in this month’s Word of the Month.


    The Word of The Month: Agile

    Agile’s process of rapid iterations and flexibility aren’t as limited as once believed. It’s applicable to a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, aerospace, and pharma. Through collaboration and quick responsiveness, Agile drives customer value and competitive advantage. Learn more about Agile in this month’s WORD OF THE MONTH.


    The Word of The Month: SMED

    The primary goal of implementing SMED is downtime/process time reduction. Removing non-value adding waste from the process through shifting work performed from while a machine is down, to while it is running, results in drastic reduction in lead time, and improved process flow and customer satisfaction.


    The Word of The Month: A3 Thinking

    Based on the scientific method (PDCA), A3’s provide the framework for gathering information at the source, testing, evaluating, learning, and standardizing to support an overall CI management system.