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    Word of the Month

    Understanding Lean one word at a time…

    Monthly micro-learning lessons focused on the Lean lexicon. Have fun as we guide you through the nomenclature;
    bringing you insights into the nuances of this proven discipline.

    The Word of The Month: 3P

    Looking for a powerful new technique to add to your improvement arsenal? Then you’ll want to learn more about 3P, a cross functional team process that provides a systematized way to achieve step-level change.


    The Word of The Month: Flow

    Making operations flow in manufacturing and administrative operations is key to consistently and continuously meeting customer demand. In this month’s Word of the Month we look at the seamless linking of people, material, and information and some of the tools of flow.


    The Word of The Month: Obeya

    The quickest, most effective way to add value to the customer is to streamline processes that eliminate silos and use visual management to foster communication, collaboration, decision making, project management, teamwork, and problem-solving. Where does all this activity take place? In the Obeya.


    The Word of The Month: Poka-Yoke

    Mistakes are a part of the human condition. We all make them. The key is not to let them turn into defects that get into the hands of the customer. That’s where Poka-Yoke comes in - a funny sounding word that means "mistake-proofing." Learn more about Poka-Yoke and how it can provide 100% source inspection to any step of any process.


    The Word of The Month: Reliability

    The probability that (the processes within) a system, or service will satisfactorily perform its intended/designed function/task for a specified time, and in a defined environment.


    The Word of The Month: Standardization

    To bring into conformity with a standard (a level of quality or attainment, OR an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations), especially in order to assure consistency and regularity.


    The Word of the Month: Value

    A product or service that has been perceived or appraised to fulfill a need or desire—as defined by the customer—is said to have value. An activity has value if it is transformative, is done right the first time, and is something the customer is willing to pay for.