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    Word of the Month

    Understanding Lean one word at a time…

    Monthly micro-learning lessons focused on the Lean lexicon. Have fun as we guide you through the nomenclature;
    bringing you insights into the nuances of this proven discipline.

    The Word of The Month: Agile

    Agile’s process of rapid iterations and flexibility aren’t as limited as once believed. It’s applicable to a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, aerospace, and pharma. Through collaboration and quick responsiveness, Agile drives customer value and competitive advantage. Learn more about Agile in this month’s WORD OF THE MONTH.


    The Word of The Month: SMED

    The primary goal of implementing SMED is to downtime/process time reduction. Removing non-value adding waste from the process through shifting work performed from while a machine is down, to while it is running, results in drastic reduction in lead time, and improved process flow and customer satisfaction.


    The Word of The Month: A3 Thinking

    Based on the scientific method (PDCA), A3’s provide the framework for gathering information at the source, testing, evaluating, learning, and standardizing to support an overall CI management system.


    The Word of The Month: Problem-Solving

    Let’s face it, problems crop up, but addressing the symptoms is not enough; we must get to root cause (or causes). Methods such as 5Whys, CEDAC, and A3 provide a framework for doing just that. Armed with such methods and mindset, problems become opportunities for improvement rather than obstacles and setbacks, and are identified, addressed, and eliminated.


    The Word of The Month: Jidoka

    With its origins in Toyoda Loom Works Co., Jidoka, or “intelligent autonomation,” is a 4-step process enabling machines and workers to immediately halt work once problems are detected. It goes beyond firefighting to uncover the root cause of problems and develop countermeasures to prevent them from reoccurring.


    The Word of The Month: 5S

    5S is more than housekeeping. It’s the foundation of a visual management system and a successful Operational Excellence initiative that promotes improved and sustained communication, efficiently, and safety. Learn what the 5S’s can do for your organization in this month’s WOM.


    The Word of The Month: TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

    Equipment breakdowns, defects, waste, and accidents are not inevitable. They can be drastically reduced or eliminated by implementing a team-based, data-driven process involving all employees, with a common goal of maximizing production through optimizing equipment reliability and effectiveness.


    The Word of The Month: 3P

    Looking for a powerful new technique to add to your improvement arsenal? Then you’ll want to learn more about 3P, a cross functional team process that provides a systematized way to achieve step-level change.


    The Word of The Month: Flow

    Making operations flow in manufacturing and administrative operations is key to consistently and continuously meeting customer demand. In this month’s Word of the Month we look at the seamless linking of people, material, and information and some of the tools of flow.