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    LMAC and TPMC Graduating Class


    Above image: some of the class during a tour of the Horseshoe, OSU’s famous stadium. The only thing missing is a football!

    Last fall, we kicked off our Lean and TPM Manager Certification Programs (LMAC and TPMC) at The Ohio State University (OSU). Since then, both programs have concluded and we’re proud to add two more groups to our ever-growing list of graduates. In addition to what we gleaned from the new graduates, we thought we’d reconnect with Jim Vatalaro (lead LMAC instructor) and Ellis New (lead TPMC instructor), to gather their perspectives since we last checked in with them in October.
    “Eye-opening”…”game –changing”….these are the words that attendees most used to sum up their experiences. As their exposure to the tools and techniques increased, they began to see opportunities for improvement they’d previously missed. By graduation time, they had ‘new eyes’ for seeing waste along with a good working knowledge of the tools and techniques to attack it.
    One of our grads, Jason K., an operations superintendent with ATI Specialty Rolled Products, reiterated this point by saying, “The methodologies I learned at LMAC provided me with a game- changing competitive advantage. Through the continuous implementation of Lean managerial techniques and solutions, I learned to solve challenging problems via cross-functional team engagement, comprehensive process analysis, and problem solving initiatives that resulted in holistic system efficiency enhancements.”
    The impact of the immersive, “learn by doing” approach of LMAC and TPMC was tangible as reflected by the impressive results reported back from the participants, many of whom were working on multi-million dollar projects. LMAC attendees almost unanimously reported increases in yield, capacity, safety, quality, delivery, flow, lead time, revenue and employee morale, while TPMC attendees reported decreased downtime, defects, PM’s, changeovers, and abnormalities, and improved OEE.
    The improvements and cost savings initiated during the programs set participants up to make additional improvements in the coming year by building on the results achieved during the sessions. Reduction in a PM time from 171 minutes to just 45, increased capacity on constrained line by 8 hours per week, expected 50% yield increase with approximate savings of $250k for 2020, and capacity to earn 3.8 million revenue due to cutting rework, are just some of the reported improvements resulting from participant’s project work to date.
    Jimmy and Ellis commented how our 3-tiered learning approach, which closely models the adult levels of learning, fostered transfer of knowledge and team-building, and was highly instrumental in the participants’ transformational experience. Having the ability to work collaboratively through case study, simulations, group exercises, shop-floor applications and in-plant project work really helped energize and reinforce teams over the 4 weeks to create a powerful, sustainable learning experience.
    Ellis, who also teaches week 2 of LMAC, was also quick to point out how TPM and Lean complement one another: “TPM systems are put in place to support Lean projects – TPM is the enabler to Lean since it’s not possible to be Lean without reliable equipment.”
    Ellis and Jimmy further remarked how the programs culminated in week 4 with all the principles, activities, and participants really evolving and coming together. Participants were excited and invigorated, especially after all their hard work and completing their final exams! The groups wrapped up with roundtable discussions, an open forum allowing participants to address any lingering concerns, questions, or issues as they prepared to take their learnings back home. Jimmy summarized by saying, “the groups have become tightly formed teams, interested in staying connected and forging lasting relationships.”
    For information on the 2020 Certification Programs: please click on the buttons below for program dates and details:
    Lean Manager Certification – Spring 2020
    Total Productive Maintenance Certification – Fall 2020

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