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    Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Consulting

    Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) involves all employees at all levels. That kind of engagement requires a reliable path forward—a framework we call the TPM Rollout—to ensure your greatest return on investment as quickly as possible.

    Whether you are just getting started or are renewing efforts, Productivity’s TPM lean consulting team, coupled with our Rollout process, is the reliable, collaborative path forward at any stage in the process.
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    total productive maintenance consulting rollout


    8 Steps to TPM Rollout

    Step 1: Pull and Readiness – Understanding Purpose, Function & Form

    The Productivity approach relies on creating pull rather than pushing change. As the first step, our TPM Consultants work with key site leaders to assess readiness and support for TPM. We’ll share business improvement perspectives and strive for understanding of purpose, function, and form.

    Step 2: Management Awareness – Identifying Their Role

    In training sessions at your facility, we help site-leadership, managers, and supervisors understand TPM, their role in the transformation effort, and how TPM will enable them and the organization to meet performance goals. It’s here we’ll charter the TPM Roll-Out Team.

    Step 3: Value Stream Analysis – Improving Equipment-Related Losses

    In collaboration with the TPM Roll-Out Team and process owners, our TPM Consultants will analyze existing value streams, assess the current state of key equipment operating conditions and plant-wide maintenance practices, and determine the potential impact of improving the six equipment-related losses.

    Step 4: Site Plan Design – Creating a TPM Implementation Plan

    Working with site leaders, we’ll develop an integrated site-specific TPM implementation plan that draws on the learning from Pull and Readiness, and Value Stream Analysis.

    Step 5: Operator Training – Explaining the “New Normal” to Your Operators

    Through a series of onsite interactive workshops, we teach operators and support personnel about TPM, their role in the program, and the “new normal” for equipment conditions, performance, maintenance, process ownership and routine equipment care.

    Step 6: Eight Pillars Execution – Moving Forward; Putting the Plan in Action

    Via Productivity’s expert training, facilitation, and coaching we’ll help you execute the eight pillars of TPM per your site-specific implementation plan, including autonomous maintenance, maintenance improvement, and focused equipment improvement—all while continuing to develop the competencies of site leadership, support staff, and operators. It’s here where we develop capabilities in applying standard work, predictive and preventive maintenance techniques, problem-solving, waste elimination, EH&S compliance, etc.
    Learn More About the 8 Pillars

    Step 7: Audit Progress and Countermeasures – Reviewing the Effectiveness of Your Plan

    Our TPM Consultants will establish an iterative process for reviewing the effectiveness of your site plan execution and create countermeasures to close any gaps.

    Step 8: Sustainment – Continued Insight for Ongoing Progress

    Working with site leaders, we’ll establish standard work routines and Gemba walk practices that allow you to continually experiment with “leaders as teachers”, gauge site plan execution progress, and collaboratively develop and employ countermeasures. Productivity will continue to assess site plan execution progress quarterly and provide insight to help you sustain the efforts and the “new normal” organizational culture.

    Swift Return on Investment

    What makes a great TPM consultant? Individuals that have real-world implementation experience and are ready to put their knowledge to work for you. At Productivity Inc., all of our consultants and trainers have decades of first-hand experience implementing TPM in a wide variety of industries.

    Implementation of TPM, while a long-term endeavor, will provide a swift return on your investment. Now is the time. Contact us to learn more about how we can partner to implement a world-class Total Productive Maintenance program in your facility.

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