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    Daily Management 5 Day Do/Learn Events for Service Environments

    In an Enterprise in motion, Daily Management, supported by visual management, is the system by which, teams of employees with their supervisor or manager share, interact and make all the decisions required to best manage their activities and serve their customers. It is an essential part of your Lean Management System and is central to team empowerment and performance management. It answers the questions: Why are we here? How do we get organized? What do we need to share? How are we performing?

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    “Do & Learn” Workplace Training Sessions

    5-day (3+2) practical Daily Management Sessions designed for managers/supervisors and their direct reports

    During the 5-day event, consultants will coach managers/supervisors with their operating teams, to create the conditions of teamwork, make activities visible, and energize the workplace. Each sector will create the visual management board relevant to their activities. Performance will become visible, as well as problems which will be captured and become improvement opportunities.
    Our “Do & Learn” event is structured to help you introduce or reinforce daily management. The objective is to build, experiment and consolidate visual management and team routines in one or two pilot areas over a 4-week period.

    • Initial session: 3 days to create the visual management boards and leaders/team routines,
    • Second session: 2 days (after 3 to 4 weeks of experimentation) to review and consolidate, and introduce the next phase of problem tracking and solving.

    A Wealth of Experience

    Our consultants bring mentoring and coaching skills acquired through many years of implementation with a variety of organizations and industries. This experience allows them to facilitate the process in which your teams work together with managers and supervisors to build a daily management system specific for their operating environment. The outcome is twofold: a visual system and team routines that support organizational objectives, and engaged and empowered employees who own the process and take pride in making it better.

    The visual management board will include:

    • People/Teams
      • Team roles and responsibilities,
      • Skill matrices
      • Calendars, attendance, vacation, etc.


    • Process-Flow Management
      • Daily, weekly, monthly activities
      • Progress reporting and issues


    • Performance Measurements
      • leading and lagging KPI’s


    • Problem Tracking/Solving
      • Trouble shooting activities
      • A3 problem solving
      • Continuous improvement actions

    All supported by the daily and weekly team routines.


    Day 1:

    • Introduction to fundamental principles of waste elimination and process improvement in Service environments
    • Introduction to daily and visual management
    • Define team mission, key processes and main KPI’s

    Days 2/3:

    • Build the visual management template
      • Flow – Process – Equipment
    • Define the People side of the team board
    • Create the manager/team routine agenda
    • Define the key leading indicators (Leadtime/On time response – Quality – Efficiency)

    Day 3

    • Experiment initial manager/team routine
    • Finalize the V1 visual board in the workplace
    • Determine how to capture and sort problems
    • Develop action plan for the next month

    Over the next 3 to 4 weeks, teams utilize the process created over days 1-2-3. Consultant returns to work with the teams to…
    Day 1

    • Review issues encountered during the intermediate period
      • (flow/equipment visual management)
    • Review / finalize leading KPI’s and performance management
    • Finalize Visual management board (V2)
    • Review / categorize problems identified

    Day 2

    • Practice A3 Problem solving on a specific issue
    • Final presentation/discussion with management.

    Daily Management is often referred to as the missing piece in the implementation of Lean, yet it is key to long-term sustainment. Reinforced by a well-structured Policy Deployment system, and the support of Leadership and management, the DMS will create the conditions to Keep your Enterprise in motion – on track and meeting your goals. We can help you develop the social and technical elements of your DMS. Contact us today to request a quote.

    Customized Training Programs

    Our proven training provides the knowledge and skills needed for a robust and sustainable Lean effort. We can provide training based on a single methodology (i.e. Changeover, Mistake-proofing, Autonomous Maintenance) or combine the methodologies to build a multi-day, multi-module curriculum.

    We have provided customized training curricula to organizations throughout the Global 1000 including:  adidas Group, BNP Paribas, Emerson Electric Co., Kaiser Aluminum Corporation, Gannett NJ Media Group, Oldcastle Building Envelope, Suncor Energy, and Whirlpool Corporation. 

    We would welcome the opportunity to collaboratively develop a training curriculum that fits your specific needs.

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