Total Productive Maintenance

Putting assets to work to add value.

To keep value flowing – and maximize your sales and margin contribution – you must engage everyone in establishing and maintaining equipment and process reliability.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is more than a maintenance program or machine improvement. It’s a means for dramatically improving reliability by building the capabilities of people, processes, facilities and equipment. TPM is a prerequisite to lean management and to achieving true “flow” in any organization that has people and equipment.

TPM involves all employees at all levels. That kind of engagement requires a reliable path forward—a framework we call the TPM Rollout—to ensure your greatest return on investment as quickly as possible. For more information on the TPM Rollout, click on the Consulting Services link at the left.

Productivity has worked with the Global 1000 to implement TPM effectively for more than 30 years. Our services also cover an array of options for TPM education, including certification, conferences, events, and training.

Productivity introduced TPM to the West, and we can help you build a sustainable TPM culture in your organization.

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