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    PR Newswire Announces Productivity Rebranding

    SHELTON, Conn., Oct. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — After decades of partnering with global manufacturers, Productivity Inc. announces motion™, a management system aimed at providing a structured approach to organizational transformation. A system that evolves organically, thinks creatively and cultivates the sociotechnical interactions necessary to run and sustain a high-performance business in today’s continuously changing environment.

    Over these decades, we’ve witnessed U.S. manufacturers achieve incredible levels of productivity, diverse offerings and the ability to deliver at ever increasing speed. Yet, with new successes, come new challenges, and today that includes the demands of Industry 4.0. As much as the Industrial Internet of Things grants businesses a greater understanding of many elusive variables – supply chain, demand, production, workforce and operational fortitude, all in real time – this next technological age also brings complexity.

    This is why after 40 years of delivering value adding business improvement services, Productivity Inc. is expanding on its roots to address continuous improvement, leadership, and strategic growth in a more holistic and systemic way.

    motion™ is a dynamic journey where traditional hierarchical relationships give way to one of joint commitments and accountability, where everyone in the organization is working toward a shared vision. motion™ is the relentless pursuit of creating better customer experiences, more efficient processes and collaborative behaviors, all supported by new enabling leadership structures and routines.

    motion™ is customized to each client’s unique process and culture, and can scale to fit organizations large and small.

    Included in this effort is the unveiling of a new logo and website.

    To see the announcement at PR Newswire, click here.

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