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    Announcing Our New Brand Identity

    Welcome to the new Productivity Inc. website! This new site is just one part of our new brand identity which we are excited to be launching.

    Enterprise in motion.

    We have worked very hard over the past two years to further improve our value proposition in order to better support you in your transformation efforts. Our mission is to “Keep your Enterprise in Motion”: helping you stay on the move – improving, reinventing and innovating – to bring better solutions to your customers.

    This new brand identity expands upon our Lean roots, allowing us to address organizational competitiveness and growth in a more holistic way.

    We believe the only way to win in today’s competitive, technologically charged, environment is to continually, purposefully and strategically keep moving forward. Therefore, our focus is to provide you with the support necessary to develop your internal capabilities so that you can improve your existing value propositions, bring new value propositions to market and develop the social and technical constructs needed to keep your enterprise in motion.

    We are pleased to introduce our new logo and website. We will share additional information on our new brand identity in a series of communications in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we hope you will find the site informative. We welcome your feedback at

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