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    Lean Tool Awareness Certificate
    Manufacturing industry Public Educational Events

    Lean Tool Awareness Certificate - Fall 2021

    Nov 29-Dec 3 – A 5-day Consultant-Led Fully-Accredited Virtually Delivered Program

    Provides an understanding of the core Lean principles and techniques and how to use them to support your organization's CI effort. Designed for those seeking a solid understanding of Lean techniques and for managers, supervisors, and team leaders...

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    Productivity Inc. and The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business join together to offer the Lean Tool Awareness Certificate Program (LTAC). Learn how to implement Lean and enhance positive change in your company through this unique program, taught by the leaders in Lean education.

    In this intensive one-week, fully accredited program, you will learn how and where to start on your Lean journey. Experienced Lean practitioners and educators transfer knowledge of the Lean fundamentals through a combination of classroom lecture, group activities, and simulations.

    Upon completion of this eight-module program, you will be awarded the Lean Tool Awareness Certificate by Productivity Inc. and the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. Graduates of the LTAC Program earn 4 CEUs.

    Designed for those seeking a solid understanding of Lean techniques and for managers, supervisors, and team leaders responsible for continuous improvement projects.


    Participants who complete this program will:

    • Learn a systemic approach to Lean implementation.
    • Gain an understanding of key concepts of Lean and how to apply them.
    • Discover the importance of creating standards.
    • Differentiate yourself in a market filled with skilled professionals.


    DAY 1 – MONDAY
    10:00am – 5:30pm EDT

    Visual Workplace
    Learn the principles and techniques needed to apply 5S and establish visual management systems to improve workplace communication and adherence to standards.
    This module will explore how to share information, problems, abnormalities, waste, and unsafe conditions through visual display and controls, so that everyone understands at a glance what is going on in the workplace.
    Participants will learn to:

    • Set standards that are easy to see and understand
    • Identify potential safety hazards
    • Differentiate between visual control and visual display

    10:00am – 5:30pm EDT

    Strategic Planning and Policy Deployment
    The fundamental purposes of hoshin kanri (strategic management) in a Lean enterprise is to focus a company’s improvement efforts on a small number of very well defined initiatives to align and mobilize SBU’s, plants, departments, and all supporting personnel in the transformation process.
    In this module, we’ll present a proven business renewal planning and deployment process that will allow you to incorporate your strategic priorities into daily work at every level in your organization.
    We will also review and discuss the key performance indicators, targets to improve, bowlers, and countermeasures that will ensure you remain on course and that your improvement projects are meeting your strategic objectives.
    Participants will learn to:

    • Understand the cornerstones of a Lean system
    • Learn the key principles of policy deployment
    • Learn a systematic approach to the implementation of Lean

    Standard Work
    Standard work is central to achieving and sustaining the Lean enterprise. By definition Standard Work demands adherence to today’s best practices and must be imbedded in all we do, from standard operations in the workplace to standardized policies and procedures.
    In manufacturing operations, standard work is a key element in the elimination of waste and excess inventory and in achieving balanced and synchronized production. What it boils down to is that absent of standard work there can be no Lean.
    Guided by a classroom simulation, participants will use a proven methodology to develop a standard procedure, and then apply document control and visual workplace principles and techniques to train others in their new best practice, or standard work.
    Participants will learn to:

    • Understand the relationship between standard work and customer demand
    • Analyze use of standards
    • Create and document standards

    10:00am – 5:30pm EDT

    Value Stream Management
    Learn how to plot your Lean strategy—a proven requirement in the application of Lean production.
    This interactive module, adopted from the Toyota Production System, will teach you the step-by-step method of value stream mapping and storyboarding—how to gather the information needed to eliminate all non-value adding activities, and how to use it to plan the implementation of all Lean activities.
    You will practice what you learn in class, begin to plan the mapping of a process or product line in your company, and learn from others in order to accelerate your own application.
    Participants will learn to:

    • Create a current and future state value stream map (from supplier to customer)
    • Create a storyboard that will communicate the current and future states to everyone
    • Apply current and future state maps and storyboard in an actual case study

    10:00am – 5:30pm EDT

    Total Productive Maintenance/OEE
    This module will preview each of the basic TPM Pillars as well as how TPM fits into a Lean manufacturing initiative. Learn how the pillars relate to each other to create a natural synergy, and how they can result in an immediate return of the TPM investment when properly utilized in today’s manufacturing workplace.
    Participants will have an opportunity to explore the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metric through application of a business case study.
    Participants will learn:

    • The role of TPM in a Lean implementation
    • The benefits of a team-based approach to equipment care
    • The importance of having operators involved in maintenance activities

    Achieving Quick Changeover
    Learn the principles and techniques needed to decrease changeover times and increase inventory turns.
    This module will teach you how to gain manufacturing flexibility while increasing your ability to react to customer demands and competitive pressures. Through a combination of lecture, group exercises and simulation, this module will demonstrate how you can reduce changeover time and make more changeovers to enhance production flow.
    Participants will learn to:

    • Apply the key concepts of changeover anywhere people and processes interact
    • Identify the differences between internal and external elements of work
    • See changeover as an improvement opportunity

    The best way to prevent defects is to examine the process, determine what condition led to the defect, and then control that condition. Mistake-Proofing (poka-yoke) devices automatically inspect for errors or defective operating conditions.
    This valuable module will demonstrate methods you can use to avoid and control defects in your own operations.
    Participants will learn to:

    • Prevent defects at their source
    • Identify “red flag” conditions that commonly cause errors
    • Reduce inspection costs by effecting low-cost 100% in-process inspection

    DAY 5 – FRIDAY
    10:00am – 4:00pm EDT

    Team-Based Problem Solving (CEDAC®)
    Inevitably, process improvement teams will encounter problems that will need to be solved. Equipping your team members with a quick and easy-to-use problem-solving tool will enable them to handle these issues as they arise.
    In this session, you will learn a reliable method for identifying a problem’s root cause and for generating effective solutions.
    Using a powerful scientific method called CEDAC (winner of the Deming Prize), you will gain an understanding of how to integrate systemic thinking and problem solving with improvement tools to focus on leveraging opportunities and achieving results.
    Participants will learn to:

    • Think systemically
    • Set and stay focused on key improvement targets
    • Write a clear problem and target effect statement.


    “The LTAC class was one of, if not the best, classes that I have participated in. The structure was very well thought out and the simulations and hands-on experience coupled with the Socratic teaching method really made for an outstanding course. I have been on a soap box about the quality of the course and the lessons learned since my return to work.”
    Ross Bailes – Manufacturing Manager – major U.S. defense contractor

    “I have attended several Productivity workshops and most recently the one on Lean Tools. The event we are winding up has realized a 70% reduction in changeover time in the pack out area of our plant (73 minutes to 22 minutes). I utilized what I was taught in the course and have produced great results. Would like to say thank you to Productivity for great courses!”
    Martin Tauber – Production/Maintenance Trainer – Advance Pierre Foods – Portland, ME

    “This is the perfect program for individuals who want to take the first step at improving themselves and their companies.”
    Chase Coslett – Senior Process Improvement Engineer – Mead Johnson Nutrition

    “A very well taught and prepared program. It would be a wise investment for all to check out.”
    John Akins – Maintenance Team Manager – Sun Products Corp.

    “…From taking the LTAC program I was given the skills to come back and know exactly where to begin, how to implement, how to structure it, how to measure it, and where/when to take it to the next phase. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that´s currently using Lean but hasn´t fully implemented it or hasn´t been as successful with it as they would like or to anyone that´s considering introducing Lean but needs a better understanding of it.”
    Richard Nichols – Production Services Manager – The Bradbury Company

    “I came with questions about the value. What could I get here that wasn´t already in a book? I left with a great appreciation for the course and truly feel its value exceeds the cost of attending.”
    Christopher Adams – Manufacturing Engineer – Gorbel Inc. 


    Lean Tool Awareness Certificate


    Productivity Inc. is a leading consulting and training firm that helps organizations build new capabilities, save money, and grow. We focus on three progressive strategies: Operational Excellence, Innovation Systems and Leadership Development.

    Working together, these strategies provide the means to continually refresh a company’s value proposition while making the organizational changes needed for daily improvement and sustainable growth.

    We pioneered the implementation of Lean and TPM methodologies in manufacturing in the late 1970s. Since then, we have extended these methodologies across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, and other service industries.

    Today, our time-tested management system, motion™ provides organizations with:

    • a uniquely comprehensive approach to implementing Lean across an entire enterprise, incorporating assessment, leadership, and business renewal.
    • a robust process for innovation to develop an organization-wide capability to create new forms of value – reliably, predictably, repeatedly.

    More than simply a Lean consulting firm, Productivity Inc. can provide you with a variety of methodologies to keep your enterprise in motion™.



    Since 1916, The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business has produced exceptional leaders who meet the challenges of a changing global business environment through creative and effective solutions. As a result, Fisher’s reputation continues to rise and is reflected in rankings which place the college among the top 15 Business Schools in the nation at the undergraduate and graduate levels of public universities.

    Today, Fisher College of Business Executive Education continues to provide growth opportunities to business professionals seeking to increase their knowledge, insights and intuition. Their executive-level degree programs are comprehensive, integrative and examine today’s issues from every angle to give you a total business perspective.


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    Lean Tool Awareness Certificate – Columbus, OH
    2021 Fall Session – Nov 29-Dec 3 – A 5-day fully-accredited program

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