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We read hundreds of articles a month in various publications. On this page we share some of our favorites.   


How CMMS Software Enables Total Productive Maintenance

Taylor Short, a researcher for Software Advice, a CMMS comparison site, recently wrote a report showing how CMMS Software can be used to support a company's TPM efforts. Here is a brief exerpt from the article followed by a link to the full article...

"Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a system for performing proactive maintenance, with the goal of increasing equipment availability and avoiding breakdowns.

TPM is used by various industries, but works especially well for manufacturers—and it can deliver compelling results over time.

According to Ahmet Caglayan of Productivity Inc., a consulting and training firm, TPM can bring a 30 percent improvement in productivity and up to a 40 percent reduction in maintenance costs within a few years.

What’s more, when used with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), organizations can use TPM methods to eliminate costly machine downtime..." Click here to read the full report


Intro: TexOps: Modern Factory, Innovative Products

Over the summer you don't become an expert in process improvement, innovation, and sustainability. It takes years to become good at the principles and methodologies that must be mastered. Take Juan Zighelboim, President of El Salvador based TexOps. He's a 20 year apparel manufacturing veteran, early adopter, innovator, and he is on a never-ending journey to rank TexOps with the best of the best. Productivity Inc. became active with Juan 10 years ago and the results were remarkable. Today, Productivity Inc. and Juan are back together again and we plan to help take TexOps to a whole new level of efficiency and growth. In the linked article, Juan Zighelboim talks of his pursuit to build organization-wide capability and to successfully grow margin while concurrently introducing new value to market, reliably, predictably, and repeatedly...TexOps: Modern Factory, Innovative Products". 


Leaning the Quality Control Laboratory

Applying lean effectively in the QC laboratory environment requires a good understanding of how the lab functions in the context of the pharmaceutical manufacturing value stream, of the work culture in a specific laboratory and company environment, and of how lean is applied in both manufacturing and service environments...  Maura May, of Productivity Inc., provides an informative article on how to apply lean within a laboratory environment at September 16, 2014… "Leaning the Quality Control Laboratory". 


OEE – Learn How to Use It Right

As with any metric, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)—the powerful core metric used in Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)—can be misunderstood and misused. In fact, we see it grossly misused at times..  Ellis New, Senior Management Consultant—Business Practice Leader, for Productivity Inc., instructs on the right way to use OEE in IndustryWeek’s August 19th's Top Story… "OEE – Learn How to Use It Right". 


Lean and the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has been slow to adopt lean practices, in part because of regulatory demands.   Today, the CAPA…Corrective Action/Preventive Action… process is commonly used.  But we’ve seen our pharma clients achieve greater returns through the application of lean techniques in both manufacturing and lab operations..  Catherine Converset, Managing Partner of Productivity’s European operation, comments on CAPA and continuous improvement in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine’s May cover story… "Proactive Compliance CAPA Putting the P in CAPA". 


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