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    Every customer contact
    is a moment of truth.

    We must continually improve the customer experience.

    Lean Management for Service and Administrative Functions: Building Customer Loyalty.

    We know that translating and synthesizing Lean management principles is a major challenge in the service environment. Yet, for nearly forty years we have been successfully assisting our clients in applying lean methods to improve customer service, increase productivity, manage risk, increase employee satisfaction and improve profitability.
    Productivity has a Value Proposition specifically designed for Lean service environments.


    Featured Insights

    Lean in all service environments for business performance improvement


    Lean in Manufacturing Support Services

    In both Manufacturing and Service environments, overall company performance is linked to the organization’s ability to establish cross functional processes that run smoothly and effectively for the customer and for the organization.

    To accomplish this, it is necessary to...

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    Managing Complexity at a Major Insurance Broker

    This affinity insurance broker manages policies for 100+ global brands, with millions of new insurance contracts annually covering policyholders in 10+ countries. Its banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, and retail clients offer their...

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    Lean IT

    Information systems are the backbone of production processes, their efficiency determines the efficiency of corporate processes. It’s no secret that IT plays a critical role in the overall success of your organization. That makes sense...

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    Lean in Research and Development

    Operational excellence in Research Centers means generating efficiency for innovation, creativity for development breakthroughs and corporate momentum to attract and nurture the best talents.

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