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    Our Experience in Service Industries

    Short Term Improvements with a Long Term Perspective…
    For nearly 40 years, we have provided consulting and training services to organizations to help them improve.

    Lean Management for Service and Administrative Functions: Building Customer Loyalty.

    Successful companies are continuously working at improving their customers’ experiences – BETTER – QUICKER – MORE COST EFFECTIVE.
    We know that translating and synthesizing Lean management principles is a major challenge in the service environment. Yet, for nearly forty years we have been successfully assisting our clients in applying lean methods to improve customer service, increase productivity, manage risk, increase employee satisfaction and improve profitability.
    Productivity has a Value Proposition specifically designed for Lean service environments.
    Our experience in engaging people in a new vision and way of working has given us the ability to understand the overall factors of a successful organization. In 2004, we progressively started applying the key principles of operational excellence to Service environments, helping organizations to create effective operations and to build processes focused at constantly improving the customer experience.
    Today, we have created a practice entirely focused at supporting Lean transformation in the service industry and support services: Call Centers, Banks and Insurance Organizations (front office and back office operations), Customer Service Centers, Biotechnology, R&D, HR, Laboratories, Quality, Development, Marketing, Finance, Purchasing, Healthcare environments…
    We help you solve your problems and achieve your goals through a wide-array of improvement methodologies ranging from development and deployment of a customized improvement plan to targeted consulting, education, management coaching and project facilitation.
    Our proven process of knowledge transfer (Certification – Education – Skill Development) ensures ownership of the improvement process remains with our clients. Whether your goal is simply to achieve Lean customer service or the deployment of Lean throughout your entire organization; we can help you to achieve your strategic goals. Our implementation experience has allowed us to develop a wide array of interventions focused specifically for “Lean for Service Industry” clients.
    Our mission is to support Service Organizations and Administrative functions in their competitive transformation by engaging people in improving, simplifying and rethinking their processes for a better customer experience, increased productivity and an eye toward strategic innovation.
    Our Services include:

    • Working with leadership in the definition of strategic priorities and in the design of an operational excellence strategy, including cross-functional team organizations
    • Building your policy and strategy deployment process.
    • Training and education in Operational Excellence approaches.
    • Project management and facilitation of process improvement projects in operations and in support services.
    • Development of a Lean Management System.
    • Leadership coaching.
    • Auditing and system assessment
    • Building an innovation strategy

    Organizations employing these practices will achieve an energized workplace, a new company culture based on visionary, effective and innovative leadership, process and performance visibility, a no blame environment and a drastic improvement in customer satisfaction (NPS score). This, in turn, will result in significant productivity gains, improvement in margins and overall organizational growth.
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