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    Improvement Practitioner Skills Development

    Collapsing the Time Between Learning and Application

    Administration and Services – Manufacturing/Production
    Virtual and On-Site Delivery


    Our new Skill-Set Development Process (SDP) focuses on teaching the How-To of Lean and Agile improvement practices in short, knowledge transfer sessions that turn learning into application and immediate ROI…
    This series of rapid learning Skill Development and Coaching modules have been carefully crafted to provide leaders and process owners at all levels with the skills they need to tackle lean production and administrative end-to-end process waste elimination.

    The How-To Skill-Set Development Process will work for you.
    What goals do you want to achieve, what problems do you want to solve? We can custom deliver Skill-Set training ranging from visual management, value stream and process mapping, A3 problem solving, and reducing process complexity, to TPM and process reliability, autonomous and preventive maintenance, and many more. Each consultant-led, learn-go-do, Skill-Set program develops the capabilities of your people as it targets the results you want to achieve.
    Our approach to virtual and on-site Improvement Skill-Set Development is a highly differentiated value proposition.
    Short segment teaching sessions, followed by immediate application and coaching, facilitates faster comprehension and quicker translation from theory to practice in the workplace. This situational, micro-learning best practice, fosters greater retention and shortens the lead time between learning and ROI.
    Whether it’s reducing response lead times in Laboratories or R&D, providing better customer experiences in Call Centers, or achieving double-digit gains in manufacturing OEE and process reliability… we can expedite your learning and training ROI.
    Acquire the Skill-Sets to:

    • Map your processes, see-the-waste and reduce complexity in service functions
    • Create a visual scheduling system to better manage workflow
    • Employ a daily management system to assist in governing all that needs doing
    • Engage in Agile cross-functional process improvements to speed up administrative processes
    • Create and manage an Obeya room
    • Build an employee community of A3 problem solvers
    • Gain end-to-end perspective why efficient admin processes are essential for effective operations

    Where these skills and leaderships routines have been installed the line between how process-owners do their work and how improvement happens is blurred and

    • people make quality decisions faster servicing the needs of the customers
    • leaders-at-all-levels’ have the skills to coach and teach process-owners about continuous improvement practices…not in a classroom setting, but in the workplace
    • once a better way to work is discovered in one area it is quickly pulled into other areas that can benefit from the improvement
    • building capabilities translates into measurable results

    Let us help you build your continuous improvement capabilities. Contact us… let’s make end-to-end process improvement part of everyone’s daily work.


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