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    Training and Certification

    Lean is a continuous
    learning process.

    Leaders, Managers, Lean Managers, Supervisors, Operators, Employees…

    Productivity offers a wide range of training and educational events to create transformation capabilities.


    Public Educational Events

    Productivity hosts open-enrollment educational events in Lean and TPM, including certificate and certification programs held at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, trainings, kaizen events and workshops.
    Certification Programs
    Learning Programs
    Practitioner Skills Development Programs

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    On-Site Training

    Let us come to you! On-Site Training curricula are custom-designed to meet a wide array of educational needs, from shop-floor and front-line operator/employee training to executive education programs. Programs can be customized to suit manufacturing, service, and healthcare environments.
    Practitioner Skills Development Programs
    Customized Training Programs
    Customized Certification and Certificate Programs

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    Public Educational Events Highlights

     title= Service industry Manufacturing industry

    Autonomous Maintenance Steps (1-3) – A Skill Development Program

    A Virtual Consultant-Led Training/Coaching Intervention supported by Immediate Application

    Autonomous Maintenance is a first step in the transition from a reactive to a proactive maintenance strategy. Autonomous Maintenance (AM) focuses on preventing equipment deterioration by first restoring equipment to ‘like-new status’ and then establishing basic conditions to keep it that way. A well-established AM process can eliminate the causes of 40-60% of your unplanned downtime while improving safety, increasing capacity, raising quality and delivery levels, and lowering overall costs – all to better serve your customers.

    The key to developing an effective AM capability is understanding how the social and technical elements work together to build sustainable equipment and process reliability. AM involves operations, maintenance, engineering, and quality working together and supported by leadership at all levels.

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     title= Manufacturing industry

    Lean Manager Certification – Spring 2021 – Columbus, OH

    Week 1: March 8-12 / Week 2: April 5-9 / Week 3: May 3-7 / Week 4: June 7-10

    The Lean Manager Certification program develops the knowledge, capabilities, and confidence to improve your organization through the application of Lean techniques. This fully-accredited certification is jointly offered by Productivity Inc. and The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, educating Lean managers and Lean leaders since 2001.

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    Lean Leadership title= Leadership Development

    Lean Leadership – The Four Dimensions of Transformation

    4-day Consultant-Led Virtual event – April 20-23, 2021

    Building a Lean enterprise requires a shared vision and an understanding that everything must change -- mindsets, processes, work, customer relationships -- in order to generate and sustain short and long-term growth in a continuously evolving environment.

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     title= Manufacturing industry

    Maintenance Miracle – An Autonomous Maintenance Kaizen Event – Spring 2021

    May 18-21, 2021 – a 3 ½ day hands on learning event

    This event teaches the 7-steps of Autonomous Maintenance and demonstrates the process for conducting AM steps 1-3 in your facility. Designed for production, maintenance and engineering managers, supervisors, team leaders and process owners interested in improving equipment and process reliability and safety.

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    LMAC Service Teaser title= Service industry

    Lean Management Certification for Administration and Service Industries – Columbus, OH

    Week 1: May 10-14 / Week 2: June 7-11 / Week 3: July 12-15

    This program develops resources capable of leading/managing a Lean transformation in your service or administrative environment and is designed for senior and middle managers looking to drive waste from their processes to boost enterprise-wide performance and improve customer service. This is a fully-accredited certification designed specifically for administrative and service industry professionals.

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     title= Manufacturing industry

    Total Productive Maintenance Manager Certification – Fall 2021 – Columbus, OH

    Week 1: Sept. 20-24 / Week 2: Oct. 18-22 / Week 3: Nov. 15-19 / Week 4: Dec. 13-16

    Created to develop resources capable of leading/managing a dynamic maintenance management and equipment improvement process using Total Productive Maintenance. Fully accredited certification for TPM managers and reliability leaders since 2010.

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