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    Leadership and Culture

    Lean leadership concerns people at all levels, from senior management to front-line teams. A sustainable “lean culture” is the outcome of 1,000 things done the right way.

    The Lean culture is focused on continuous improvement

    To create a Lean culture focused on continuous improvement, leaders must adopt new roles, cultivate behaviors that ensure people are engaged, and focus on the processes that drive business results.

    Lean transformations depend on leaders’ ability to manage change… and to manage the organization as a system. Think of it as a “super-enterprise” in which people, processes, and physical and financial resources work in harmony to ensure operational excellence and long-term growth. New behaviors must go hand-in-hand with improvements in the flow of materials and information.

    Change is a process that begins when leaders start acting differently. It’s that simple (but not that easy).

    Leading a Lean enterprise

    Productivity knows what it takes to lead a Lean enterprise. We can help your organization develop Lean leadership principles/routines, overcome natural resistance to change by creating a shared understanding of the “new way,” defining a roadmap for change, and setting the stage properly.

    Transforming from an organization doing Lean things into a Lean organization lies in the development leaders capable of fostering a continuous improvement culture.

    Productivity has been the leader in Lean for more than 40 years, and we can help you develop the elements to make a true Lean transformation.

    Case Study

    Company: Global 1000 Sport Footwear, Apparel, and Hardware Manufacturer

    Engagement: 5 years

    Objective: Global implementation of lean manufacturing within select first-tier suppliers (China, Eastern Europe, EU, Latin America, Mexico, North Africa, SEA, South America)


    • Design and deliver a customized Lean Manager Certification Program tailored to client processes and cultural considerations (footwear and apparel)
    • Design Train-The-Trainers Program and train 150+ Lean Managers and Lean Manufacturing Champions
    • Plant diagnosis and plant-specific deployment of improvement processes
    • Site-specific coaching and project management facilitation
    • Site-specific audits with countermeasures, action plans, milestones, and extensive follow-up process improvement consulting


    • Successfully positioned internal lean capabilities,
    • work-in-process reduced by >70%;
    • dock-to-dock improved by >80%;
    • defects down by as much as 90%;
    • key value stream lead times reduced by 75%.

    Case Study

    Company: Fortune 500 Diversified Manufacturer of Technical Products

    Engagement: 3 years

    Objective: Build global internal lean production resource capabilities


    • Design and deliver customized 4-week Lean Champions Training Program
    • Train 300+ Lean Champions (China, EU, Mexico, and USA)
    • On-site auditing, coaching, and mentoring of Lean Champions
    • Project management and countermeasure activities


    • On-time delivery improved >90%,
    • inventory reduced >80%,
    • administrative process cycle time reduced >80%,
    • dock-to-dock key value stream improved >70%,
    • consistent 100% on-time delivery.

    Case Study

    Company: Leading Biotechnology Company

    Engagement: 3 years

    Objective: Build internal lean/operational excellence resource capabilities


    • Design and deliver custom, three-tier Lean Champions training program tailored to office/research environment
    • Executive coaching on leading and managing in a lean environment
    • Design and deliver extensive Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)-based equipment reliability training program

    Outcome: Results confidential

    Case Study

    Company: Fortune 500 Aluminum Manufacturer

    Engagement: 3 years

    Objective: Establish a lean production and lean management system in 12 manufacturing facilities


    • Facilitate design and execution of lean strategy planning and strategy deployment
    • Position a project management and countermeasure process
    • Certify 60 Lean Managers
    • Design/deliver 3-tiered Lean Champion training: beginner-intermediate-advanced
    • On-site lean coaching, tool-specific training, and audit process

    Outcome: Results confidential

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