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    We Are Productivity

    ...we create better customer experiences

    For more than 40 years, we have been helping service and manufacturing organizations around the globe stay in motion™. We keep you focused on the vital few, those things that matter most to continually refresh your company’s value proposition while making the organizational changes needed for daily improvement and sustainable growth.
    Our mission is to keep your company always moving forward renewing, improving, inventing, innovating to bring better solutions to your customers. We help you solve your problems and achieve your goals… we help you link workplace efficiency with shareholder value.
    An organization is the sum of its people. With offices and affiliates in the Americas, Asia, and Europe, and a 20-year partnership with The Ohio State University… we cultivate diversity, education and inclusion. Productivity’s team-based approach to learning, leadership, and doing, ensures a transfer of knowledge, a building of improvement capabilities and local ownership, enabling you to sustain the improvements gained.
    When you partner with Productivity you will benefit from our people, global network, and decades of service and manufacturing experience keeping company’s in motion™.
    Our History
    We are a first-generation consulting and education company mentored by the pioneers of Just-in-Time (Lean), including Yoshiki Iwata, Chihiro Nakao, Shigeo Shingo and Ryuji Fukuda. We introduced the Toyota Production System principles to the West.

    Today, we assist organizations throughout the Global 1000 in production, operations and administrative applications of operational excellence transformation.
    Our People
    We have excellent people. Our consultants and trainers are seasoned experts with real-world implementation experience. They understand your situation because they have worked in your situation. They have the interpersonal skills it takes to engage at all levels of your organization and to ignite the passion for change.
    Global Operations

    • Brazil
    • China
    • France
    • Korea
    • Mexico
    • USA

    We provide services in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Korean, Mandarin, Turkish, Hindi.
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