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    Hoshin Kanri: Deploying Priorities, From Vision to Daily Work

    A live 6-hour virtual seminar – April 21 – 10:30am-5:30pm EDT

    Regrouping and refocusing your organization now, to concentrate on the vital few -- those things that will make a real difference to your organization’s performance -- seems a prudent thing to do. But how do you take all of the things there are to do, distill them down to the critical few and then defuse them throughout the entire organization? Through Hoshin Kanri.

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    We invite leaders to learn the Hoshin Kanri (Policy Deployment) process to align their organization (and departments) on their key business priorities
    The hoshin kanri process is the best way to ensure workplace improvement initiatives align with leadership aspirations. By defining and defusing strategic objectives and developing action plans based on those objectives, HK links functions and activities – both vertically and horizontally – to the organization’s stated goals.
    Hoshin Kanri’s practice of catchball ensures all stakeholders have ownership in the process, as targets-to-improve are shared and input is funneled back, through a series of communication loops. Each functional level translates the targets into projects to be undertaken in their area. This ensures all daily and continuous improvement activities support each other and are moving the organization forward.

    Hoshin provides clarity to everyone on where the company is going and what is important to both the short and longer-term, while creating a structure for regular review and renewal. It builds/rebuilds trust within the organization.
    In this 6-hour virtual session, we will share our practical experiences with Hoshin Kanri acquired in a variety of business environments. We will illustrate the Hoshin Kanri deployment process using an actual business case study that covers the

    • key concepts and principles of Hoshin Kanri (policy deployment)
    • Catchball process
    • 5 steps of policy deployment and how to use the X-Matrix at each level
    • link between Hoshin Kanri and the Daily Management System
    • connection between Hoshin Kanri and team empowerment
    • link between workplace metrics and strategic objectives
    • 4-level performance review system ensuring success

    We will also share practical how-to recommendations on starting and implementing the process, in a manageable, sustainable learn by doing program.
    Linked Objectives, Measures, Metrics

    Outcomes of the Hoshin Kanri process

    • Plans are developed more systematically with a Laser focus on objectives that will have the biggest impact on the organization (the vital few)
    • A shared understanding of organizational direction and how each individuals’ efforts support the company’s goals
    • Identification of projects, up and down the organizational hierarchy, in support of the vital few
    • Annual targets-to-improve with milestones and measures are clear and communicated, progress is carefully monitored
    • The planning process is standardized and can be continuously improved
    • All associates have an understanding how their efforts impact the organization
    • Organizational learning occurs

    This session is taught using a combination of lecture, group discussion, and case studies based on actual implementations and follows the below schedule:
    12:30-1:00pm – break
    3:00pm-3:30pm – break

    • Introductions, workshop goals and objectives
    • Interactive presentation on Policy Deployment and its structure
    • Presentation of the Catchball process
    • Capture themes on participants’ current state – what’s being practiced today? What’s working, what’s not?
      • Desired state, what’s missing?
      • Breakout discussion – agreement on gaps, creating the case for change
    • Case Study – participants organize and work in teams focusing on a real-time case study to identify the main strategic issues and develop the Executive Committee X-Matrix, and an example of the level 1 deployment
    • Examples of the actual implemented Policy Deployment processes
    • Example of the link between the X-Matrix and the visual management in the workplace
    • Discussion on effective implementation; what is the recommended course of action?
    • Next steps – 90-day action plan


    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations received within 10 business days of the start of a program will be assessed a fee equal to 10% of the registration fee; the remainder of the fee will be held on account for up to one year for use at a future event. If no notification of cancellation is provided, registration fees will be forfeited. There is a $50 processing fee for all cancellations. No refunds or credits will be issued once a session is underway.

    Consultants and academics may not be eligible to attend.

    Any individual attending this program hereby acknowledges and agrees that any photographs or videos taken during the event may be used in marketing efforts (web/print) including, but not limited to news and promotion without compensation to the participant.